Jenny Holzer, Subject of Solo Exhibition ARTIST ROOMS: Jenny Holzer at the Tate Modern in London

Exhibition view: ARTIST ROOM: Jenny Holzer, Tate Modern, London, 2018 © 2018 Jenny Holzer, member Artists Rights Society (ARS), NY. Photo: Jack Hems

Artist: Jenny Holzer (제니 홀저)
Exhibition Title: ARTIST ROOMS: Jenny Holzer
Exhibition Dates: July 23, 2018 - July 31, 2019
Exhibition Venue: Tate Modern (런던 테이트 모던)

Jenny Holzer is currently participating in a solo exhibition titled ARTIST ROOMS: Jenny Holzer at London’s Tate Modern through July 23, 2019. The show brings together key works from across Holzer’s four-decade career, including rarely seen works from the artist’s archives and installations exhibited in the UK for the first time, in Tate Modern’s dedicated ARTIST ROOMS gallery.

The show will present Holzer’s early series Truisms 1977–79, as well as Redaction Paintings, begun in 2006, which reproduce declassified government documents relating to American and British interventions in the Middle East. Other highlights include an LED sculpture titled FLOOR 2015, originally intended for display on the ground, but which the artist has chosen to mount to the ceiling, allowing audiences to experience the work from a different vantage point.

제니 홀저, 런던 Tate Modern에서 개인전 《ARTIST ROOMS: Jenny Holzer》

제니 홀저는 런던 테이트 모던(Tate Modern)에서 개인전 《ARTIST ROOMS: Jenny Holzer》를 2019년 7월 23일까지 선보인다. 이번 전시는 40년간 작업한 제니 홀저의 주요 작품들을 한데 모으고, 지금까지 볼 수 없었던 작가의 아카이브 및 설치 작업을 처음 공개한다.

전시에서는 제니 홀저의 초기 연작 <Truisms>(1977-99)를 비롯해 2006년 중동에서 미국과 영국의 개입과 관련된 기밀 해제 정부 문서를 복사하는 작업 <Redaction Paintings>(2006)가 함께 소개된다. 이 밖에 제니 홀저의 LED 작업 <FLOOR>(2015)는 기존 설치 방식과는 달리 천장에 설치한 작업으로, 관객들이 다각도에서 작업을 경험할 수 있도록 했다.

[Source from Tate Modern Website]